Mesos in a moment

By Erik Veld on February 9, 2016

Joyent’s Casey Bisson demonstrates Mesos running in a public cloud on bare metal and scaling containerized workloads across multiple data centers — and prove why container-native is the future of the data center.

Mesos has proven to be a powerful framework for orchestrating Containerized applications in data centers with fixed pools of resources. In the cloud, however, pre-provisioning VMs to run Mesos workloads slows the ability to scale applications up and down with changing demand. Worse, VMs impose a performance penalty on application performance and risk becoming pets if not managed properly.

True container-native infrastructure solves this problem by eliminating VMs and running Mesos workloads securely on bare metal across an entire cloud, rather than on a defined “cluster.” Eliminating the VM increases performance and speeds scaling, but how does this work, and how can applications best take advantage of it?

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