Dockerize your Development Workstation

By Erik Veld on February 9, 2016

Armin Coralic, shares all the practical examples of how he uses Docker in his day-to-day work as a full stack developer to ease his life and save loads of time!

The New World of Docker Multihost Networking

By Erik Veld on February 9, 2016

Docker 1.9 introduced a new networking architecture that uses VXLAN overlays to connect distinct Docker hosts. Nicola Kabar goes over the new architecture, it’s advantages, and use-cases, and demoes how it can enable scaling applications with Compose and Swarm.

Yes, you can run full stack containers!

By Erik Veld on February 9, 2016

The current dogma about using Docker is that a container should run a single process and fulfill a single task. In this talk, Thomas Kruitbosch and Eric Nieuwenhuijsen share their experience in using Docker containers as a complete virtual machine running web servers, applications and even the MySQL database in...

How Docker is changing the world for development and operations

By Erik Veld on February 9, 2016

In his talk Iain Gray of Docker shares Docker’s vision on how next generation datacenters change the way both development and operations work in practice. Iain will share the latest Docker trends and updates from Docker’s product roadmap as presented earlier that week during DockerCon Europe in Barcelona.

Dutch Docker Day 2015, The opening and welcome

By Erik Veld on February 9, 2016

Rik Farenhorst opens the conference and talks about Xebia and the unique format of the Dutch Docker Day. Mark van Holsteijn then talks about New IT and Docker’s role in it.

Scheduling containers and more with Nomad

By Erik Veld on February 3, 2016

Specifically for the Dutch Docker Day on the 20th of November, HashiCorp released version 0.2.0 of Nomad which has some awesome features such as service discovery by integrating with Consul, the system scheduler and restart policies. HashiCorp worked hard to release version 0.2.0 on 18th of November and we pushed...

Security Is Maturing In The Docker Ecosystem

By Sebastiaan van Steenis on December 21, 2015

Security is probably one of the biggest subjects when it comes to containers. Developers love containers, some ops do as well. But it most of the time boils down to the security aspects of containers. Is it safe to use, what if someone breaks out? The characteristics of containers which...

Docker Universal Control Plane

By Sebastiaan van Steenis on November 18, 2015

During Dockercon Europe 2015 Docker announced Universal Control Plane, which, together with Docker Trusted Registry, serves as Docker’s on-premises “Build-Ship-Run” solution. For this blogpost I will summarize my findings on Universal Control Plane.

Applying Consul Within The Blaze Microservices Platform

By Bas Tichelaar on October 15, 2015

Mesos combined with Marathon only solves a part of the service discovery a bigger platform needs. This post describes the why and how of a combined Mesos, Marathon and Consul setup for a stable, schalable and flexible container platform.

Persistence With Docker Containers

By Armin Coralic on August 15, 2015

What to do with persistent data in a containerized world? Apart from existing options this post and it’s follow-ups discuss the possibilities of containers in combination with both GlusterFS and Flocker.