Looking back on Dutch Docker Day 2015

By Rik Farenhorst on February 20, 2016

2015 was a year in which we at Xebia dived into the Docker ecosystem. We helped customers in building next-gen container-based platforms, organized various meetups, and experimented a lot with various tools and technology, did shootouts, wrote opinionated blogs, organized open kitchens and, last but not least, had loads of fun in understanding all intricacies of the glue that forms contemporary container-based cloud platforms.

After Summer we decided it was imperative to share all our experiences and knowledge of the fast growing Docker ecosystem with our community. Enter Dutch Docker Day. We wanted this event to be something unique, and gathered with the whole team for a kickoff in which we outlined the experience we wanted visitors to get. We arrived at a concept in which a few core principles stood central:

The event surpassed our expectations. Around 300 Docker believers gathered in the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam to practice what we and they preach, to share knowledge and to deep dive themselves into the ecosystem. The concept of continuous food, plenty of discussion and workshop spaces, and the non-corporate atmosphere worked out quite well. In addition, our high evaluation scores were mostly dictated by the quality delivered through workshops and talks.


There were hands-on workshops covering a large part of the ecosystem, where attendees could learn, experiment and discuss with peers about subjects such as Docker, service discovery, schedulers, scalability and contributing to the ecosystem.


All through the day there were some amazing talks given on the full spectrum of the Docker ecosystem.

All in all, it was an awesome event, and I am proud to work with a team full of Docker advocates who turned out to be experienced event organizers as well. See you all next year!

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