Nauts is an initiative by Xebia, and focuses on innovation around Data Center automation. New technologies like container based infrastructure and service discovery are changing the way Data Centers are automated. The open source ecosystem is exploding with new tools every day. Creating a future-proof state of the art infrastructure is almost rocket science. That's why you need our help.


The Nauts are continuously experimenting with these new tools and stacks. With our strict selection process, we make sure the software is suitable for production use. This process consists of testing the individual pieces of software, but also a comprehensive integration test with our pre-defined stacks. If the software is proven to be production-ready, we implement it for our customers together with the experienced consultants of Xebia.

Sharing knowledge

As part of our process, we want to share as much knowledge as possible. We do that by writing blogs, speaking at conferences and meetups and by creating free training material. Sharing knowledge is one of our key principles, and is, together with various open source contributions, our way of giving back to the community.

Get in touch!

If you need help with your current infrastructure, or you want us to help you innovate, please get in touch with us. Drop us an email or come by at one of our meetups or Open Kitchens. We'd love to talk to you!