By Bas Tichelaar on May 12, 2016

Deep dive into the world of immutable infrastructure and container-based cloud-native platforms. Learn how to use the latest DevOps and MicroServices technology at scale! Three full days of training and technical talks presented by Google, Ebay, Microsoft, HashiCorp, Xebia, Amazon and more.

Scalable CI/CD with Jenkins and Nomad

By Ivo Verberk on April 27, 2016

What if you could have an easy to operate continuous integration/deployment platform that will scale to any size and is capable of running heterogeneous workloads, while also being very resource efficient and fast? Read on to find out how Jenkins and Nomad can be leveraged to make this a reality...

Building secure applications with Vault

By Erik Veld on March 15, 2016

How to store and grant access to secret or sensitive information is a difficult problem to solve. It’s often too easy to accidentally introduce security issues along the way. Every organization needs to store private or sensitive information, such as database credentials, cloud provider credentials, API keys, etcetera while keeping...

Looking back on Dutch Docker Day 2015

By Rik Farenhorst on February 20, 2016

2015 was a year in which we at Xebia dived into the Docker ecosystem. We helped customers in building next-gen container-based platforms, organized various meetups, and experimented a lot with various tools and technology, did shootouts, wrote opinionated blogs, organized open kitchens and, last but not least, had loads of...

Nomad Open Kitchen

By Erik Veld on February 13, 2016

For the Nomad Open Kitchen event we set out to create a reusable cloud setup that we could use to easily and repeatably create environments for attendees of our events. In this post we will share our setup and some problems we ran in to while creating it.

Terraform tricks: Override variables

By Benny Cornelissen on February 11, 2016

I have been using Terraform in production for almost a year and the experience has been pretty great so far. However, Terraform does have some shortcomings. In the Terraform Tricks blog series I want to show how to work around some of these shortcomings, as well as explore some of...

Mesos in a moment

By Erik Veld on February 9, 2016

Joyent’s Casey Bisson demonstrates Mesos running in a public cloud on bare metal and scaling containerized workloads across multiple data centers — and prove why container-native is the future of the data center.

Run your Dockerized ASP.NET applications on Windows and Linux

By Erik Veld on February 9, 2016

In this innovative talk, Alex and René give a quick overview of the endless possibilities of Docker on Windows and Linux in combination with ASP.NET 5.

Pipeline automation using Vagrant, Ansible, Docker, Swarm and Consul

By Erik Veld on February 9, 2016

Docker is taking the infrastructure world by storm, but what about the business justification for Docker? Michiel Sens explains an automated Software Delivery Pipeline using Vagrant, Ansible, Docker, Swarm, Consul and Jenkins that can help you demonstrate the advantages to your management.

Docker Swarm on Kubernetes

By Erik Veld on February 9, 2016

Kelsey Hightower shows in this talk the inter-workings of Docker Swarm and how Kubernetes can be leveraged for advanced container management and orchestration through live demonstrations and story telling.